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    QHow do I set up the Marquee Sliding Info stack ?
    A  NOTE:  First and foremost you must decide how many main panels (columns) you will have.  After setting the number of panels, then enable "Use Sliding Info Panel" in the main Marquee stack's Sliding Info Panel section and then drag & drop in a Marquee Sliding Info stack.
    WARNING:  If you ever decide to change the number of columns: FIRST, drag the Marquee Sliding Info stack outside of the main Marquee stack, then change the number of main panels.  This is necessary when reducing main panel count as, the last Marquee List stack will be lost and it may erroneously move into the Sliding Info Panel drop area.  Move or delete any stack that has moved into the Sliding Info Panel drop area & move the original Marquee Sliding Info stack back into its drop area.  Don't forget to adjust the info column number to match the main panels.  Note: Automatic light grey shading is applied to alternating rows.