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    QWhat functions does the Header Helper stack provide ?
    • Header Helper:  Allows you to easily apply changes to h1-h6 headings.  Edit almost any kind of characteristic there is.  It can even ignore headings you don't want changed.
    • Main Panels:  A separate panel is provided for each heading.  Simply select the headings that you wish to edit and click the Enable checkbox and the controls will be revealed.
    • Overall Sizing:  Set the margin, padding and width to suite.   Separate header & sidebar area width controls are provided if those widths need to be edited separately from the main body headings.
    • Text:  Controls are available for font size, a selection of 20 web-safe fonts, Google font input boxes, font weight, font style, text color, alignment, line spacing, text shadow sizing, color & opacity.
      Controls with selection lists have 'Theme Default' selected as the default and if that characteristic was never defined in the theme, then it won't work on that setting and it will need to be set to another value.
    • Background:  Set the background color to either a single color with an opacity setting or a vertical opaque gradient from two selection colors.
    • Border:  Set the border from a selection of 10 styles, corner radius, individual border widths and border color.
    • Padding/Margin:  If clipping of letters occurs, then use the line spacing or padding controls to fix that or add margins to give the stack a little more visual "whitespace".
    • Advanced:  If you don't want to edit some headings, controls are provided to ignore headings in the header area and the sidebar area.  Also, if further selective heading control is desired, an ignore heading input area is provided to allow the entering of custom classes or ids, which will tell Header Helper to ignore those headings and not apply any changes there.