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    QWhat functions does the ListMate stack provide ?
    • ListMate:  Allows you to create cool lists with a dynamic leaders between the titles and price.  It even provides an optional menu title, subprices and international currency layout.
    • Menu Title:  A main menu title can be set up for the items listed.   An option is available to turn off the menu title.
    • Items:  Set the number of items desired and leader lines will be dynamically generated for each item.
    • Leader Lines:  Controls are available for 6 types of line styles, leader height, leader color and an optional 6 images can be selected instead of the line styles.
    • Text:  Controls for font sizing for the menu title & the overall item text.  Set the color for the menu title, items, leader lines, currency symbol, main prices & sub prices.  Menu title & items have 20 fonts to choose from, font styles and even the ability to use Google Fonts.
    • Layout:  Controls available for the menu title bottom margin and item right padding & price left padding for setting offset spacing from the leader line.  Set the line height to vertically align the leader line with the text.  Options available to turn off the sub prices and to enable setting the currency symbol to the right of the price to allow for international currency formats.  Controls also allow for vertical spacing of the items.