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    QWhat functions does the Holiday Gift stack provide ?

    Holiday Gift:

    • Height/Width:  Controls are available for adjusting the overall height & width.  Please Note: Due to the nature of the stack, the proportions may vary, depending on the size of the screen that it's viewed on.  Setting the height to 100% width a smaller height might help produce better proportions on mobile devices.
    • Font:  Controls are available for the editable text areas for font size, a selection of 20 web-safe fonts, Google font controls, font weight, font style, text & shadow color.  For controls with selection lists that have 'Theme Default' selected as the default.  Please Note: if that characteristic was never defined in the theme, then it won't work on that setting and it will need to be set to another value.
    • Center Ribbon:  A control is provided to hide the center ribbon, in case it's presence is too distracting for the text below.