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    QWhat functions does the LinkTracker stack provide ?
    • Tracking Display:  An easy tracking table is displayed right in RapidWeaver Edit mode.  It shows an unlimited number of links that are being tracked, along with the link url that the visitor is being sent to, along with a click count for each link.  A date stamp is also provided to show when the first clicked occurred and shows as "Clicks Since: mm/dd/yyy"
    • Link:  The link can either be assigned to custom text or a custom image.
    • Text  Controls are available for the link text for font size, a selection of 20 web-safe fonts, Google font controls, font weight, font style, text & shadow controls.  For controls with selection lists that have 'Theme Default' selected as the default.  Please Note: if that characteristic was never defined in the theme, then it won't work on that setting and it will need to be set to another value.
    • Image:  Controls are available for the link image for selection of either resource or warehouse image use, image border width, radius, shadow and color controls.