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    QWhat functions does the Image ReSize stack provide ?

    Image ReSize:

    • Edit-Mode Display:  A selection of the major options are displayed in the Edit Window.  For Resources/Warehouse images, the Image Source and its path displayed.  The Captions/Titles for both sizes display in the selected font, font weight, color and shadow.  For Drop In images, the original image is displayed w/ any of the default Stack image options that have been applied.  The surrounding text has an indicator whether the text is enabled or not.
    • Captions:  Controls are available for both of the caption sizes for font, font size, font weight, line height, text alignment, text shadow vertical positioning, padding and hide controls.  Please note for controls with selection lists that have 'Theme Default' selected as the default:  if that characteristic was never defined in the theme, then it won't work on that setting and it will need to be set to another value.
    • Image:  Sizing controls are provided for both the small and large image sizes.  The image can be floated either left or right or the text can be disabled to just show the image automatically centered.  If the user has a small original image to start with, the controls allow up to 150% for the large size and an alert warning will be displayed in edit mode about pixelation.  If the user selects a large size that is larger than the available width, then the stack will auto-size the image to fit in the space available.  When using Resource/Warehouse images, controls are provided for image border width, radius, shadow, border color and alt tag controls.