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    QWhat functions does the InitialisPro stack provide ?
    • Creates a Custom Initial for a Starting Paragraph:  An initial is commonly known as a decorative element, such as an ornate letter, that is placed at the beginning of a paragraph.
      InitialisPro allows you to create three different cap styles: Drop-cap which is the initial surrounded by the text, a Baseline-cap which aligns the bottom of the initial with the first line of body text and a Margin-cap which moves the initial to the left of the body text w/o any text wrapping below it.
    • Google Fonts:  InitialisPro allows for the selection of google fonts from the entire web font collection.
    • Font Awesome  InitialisPro allows for the selection of font awesome icons from the entire collection.
    • Main Character Settings:  The main character has a whole range of settings.  Controls include: sizing from small to absolutely huge, character input of your choice, character color selection and twenty two shadow styles w/ custom shadow size and color controls.
    • Background Settings:  Background settings include: background color and transparency selection, border width, six border styles, border color, transparent border option, shadow size and color controls, corner radius selection, vertical alignment, size adjustment, custom background image import from either a Drop in image well or from Resources or from a Warehouse folder and a background image sizing helper to make getting the right background image size a snap.
    • Body Text Settings: Adjustments include: vertical and horizontal offsets from the main character, first-line indent or outdent as desired, justify of body text and clipping fix control for first letter clipping in some outdent situations.
    • Responsive Sizing:  A control is available to allow for automatic resizing on smaller mobile phone screens.