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    QWhat functions does the PrintMe stack provide ?
    • Creates Print Button or Print Links:  PrintMe allows you to create a Print Button and/or a Print Nav Link.
    • Enable Nav/Button:  Controls are provided to turn on/off the display of the print button and print nav link.
    • Print Button Settings:  The print button has a range of settings.  Controls include: custom print text, text color, text size and button top margin, horizontal alignment & background color.
    • Print Nav Link Settings:  The print nav link has an input to enter the id of the div that wraps the navigation you're targeting.  A print nav link will be added to the end of the navigation using the custom print text and will match the styles set for the navigation in the theme.
    • Print Settings:  The print settings have a range of settings.  Controls include: Page title which will be displayed at the top of the page if 'Print header & footers' is enabled in the print window, Page Info area will be displayed at the top of the first page and is a good place to state any info you wish the viewer to have such as company name and page url, Print Areas are the id of div areas you wish to print and Print css which provides custom css to help cleanup print layouts.
    • Print Helper:  You can enable the print helper and in Preview you can click on a desired area and it will display the selected id.  The background color will temporarily flash yellow to indicate the area selected.