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    QWhat functions does the Counter stack provide ?
    • Creates a Counter of Elements:
      Counter allows you to count three different ways: Characters which gives you a count of all characters in a particular stack (spaces not counted), Words which gives you a count of all words in a particular stack and Page Word Count which gives you a count of a specific word on the entire page.  This is handy for SEO keyword checking purposes.
    • Count Limit:  Allows you to set an upper count limit which, when exceeded the count will turn red in Preview.  Provides an easy way to track how much you've typed.
    • BodyText Settings:  The main typing area has a range of settings.  Controls include: text color, text size, background color and transparent background option.
    • Enable Counter:  A control is provided to turn on/off the display of the counts.  It can be turned off when Publishing and the stack will display as normal text.