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    QWhat functions does the ImagePack stack provide ?
    • Image Styles:  ImagePack allows you to arrange images in either 'Perspective' or 'Laid Back' orientation.  Images will be automatically stacked on top of each other.  Perspective shows images rotated at approximately at 45 degrees and Laid Back shows images rotated away from the viewer.
    •  Thumbnail image sizes can be set relative to the width available.
    •  Image overlap is determined by the overlap & top margin controls & upon mouse hover/single tap, reveal controls determine how much the images spread apart prior to selection.
    •  Images open up in a gallery with clean button controls for desktops & swipe functionality for mobile browsers.
    • Large Images:  Upon selecting an image the large image will animate and fill the space.  Controls for the title & close button color and shadow, as well as, title background color are provided.  Controls for standard web web fonts, font weight & style are provided.  An optional Google font can be used as well.