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    QWhat is the pulldown 'Shadow Styles' all about ?
    AThe pulldown allows you to select from 22 predefined shadow styles.  They are grouped into sets of 3 (sm, med & lg) which you should select based on the font size that you choose.
  • Default provides a nice dark grey softened shadow.
  • Embossed provides highlighted and dark edges that simulates a raised letter.
  • Pillow provides a soft-edged highlight and dark edges that simulates an indented, yet rounded look.
  • Etched provides a vertical sharp highlight that simulates an engraved look.
  • Letterpress provides vertical softened dark edges that simulates a raised letter.
  • Glow provides a soft diffuse highlight that simulates a neon look and is usually looks best with a light bright color.
  • Milky provides extra-soft dark edges and is usually best used with a light letter and background.

  • If you wish to change the preassigned shadow color, then select the "Shadow" color well to change the main shadow color.  Some styles have a second white companion shadow which creates the specific style and can't be changed.