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Current Version: 1.1.0

Now w/ Smarter Functionality, Faster Setup & Connection Helper Tools

Download the Free EasyDB Lite
Note: 'EasyDB Lite' will appear below the published content. It contains all the functionality of the full EasyDB Suite. Create any number of databases and tables which can have up to 15 records each.

I can Screenshare with you to get you up & running fast.

RapidWeaver + EasyDB Suite = Dynamic Duo

EasyDB Logo

Did you say DYNAMIC !  Yes - DYNAMIC - It's pushing RapidWeaver to a whole new level.
DYNAMIC CONTENT on your pages - no matter what kind of site you may have.

The EasyDB Suite brings full CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) editing capability to all your dynamic content.  Plus a ton of additional functionality.

So what can EasyDB do for you?

Do you display lots of information, products, services or people ?

Do you need to give visitors a way to easily find what they are looking for ?

Do you want to layout dynamic information in a concise table or maybe place it anywhere on the page ?

Do you need an easy way to manage large amounts of information, all done within your website ?

What's Coming Next?

FreeForm Pro - Coming Late Spring/Early Summer

The EasyDB Suite Provides Powerful Integrated Stacks to Easily Setup Dynamic Content.

• Credentials easily sets up access to your database along with user credentials.

• Database allows you to easily set up a database without ever having to use complicated 3rd party tools or touch code.

• TextGrid provides an easy way to create unlimited number of tables and layout all your information.

• FreeForm allows you to layout information anywhere on the page.

• Login provides secure access to easily edit your information.

Go DYNAMIC - Use The EasyDB Suite

EasyDB supports all modern desktop browsers, IE9+, iOS & Android.


Automatic Setup & Configure Your Data


Place Content Everywhere


Create Filterable & Editable Tables


EasyDB TextGrid Preview

Below is a great example of EasyDB's TextGrid being put to use.  Kurt is the president of a VW club & needed a way to show all the members of the club and also let them filter & sort through all the available information.  Every week new members are joining and he definitely didn't want to keep building static pages, as that would be too time-consuming.

EasyDB's TextGrid is the perfect solution:  easy to setup & maintain and his members love the features !

Want to see how Kurt maintains the information?  No problem:  The Preview resets every 10 minutes, so don't worry about messing anything up.
Experiment w/ anything you wish: Login Info:  User: kurt   Password: coolcars


EasyDB FreeForm Preview

Below is a great example of EasyDB's FreeForm being put to use.  Kurt's VW club information is now being placed on the page, wherever he wanted it.

EasyDB's FreeForm is the perfect solution:  When you want control over the layout of all your data !

Image of classic VW





For Sale


  • Create Dynamic Content
  • Responsive/Mobile Support
  • Database Setup
  • Users Setup
  • Tables Setup
  • FreeForm Setup
  • Setup Alerts to Guide You
  • Input Validation
  • Add Records
  • Edit/Delete Records
  • File Import
  • File Export
  • Add/Delete Fields
  • Field Visibility
  • Filter Content
  • Sort Content
  • Color Control of BG, Borders & Fonts
  • Border Controls
  • Language Support
  • Web & Google Font Controls
  • Display & Control Options
  • Pagination Controls
  • Modal Editing Windows
  • Time & Date Options
  • Small/Large Text Fields
  • Time/Date Fields
  • Currency Fields
  • 1Integer/Floating Number Fields
  • Image Fields
  • File Link Fields
  • Email Fields
  • Checkbox Fields
  • Rating Fields
  • Color Fields
  • Progress Bar Fields
  • Selection Controls
  • Setup Help Screens & Built-in Docs
  • Connection Helper Tool
  • Video Help Files
  • Supports Modern Browsers & IE9+, iOS & Android
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EasyDB & You: The Future

The initial launch of the EasyDB Suite is just the beginning of planned dynamic capabilities.  If you've ever thought about doing more with your site, then the options below are for you!

You'll find seven EasyDB stack ideas that are on the drawingboard.

Tell Me What Options You Want !

I would love to hear back from you on what you would find most useful & want in your toolbox.  Please take a minute to read the stack ideas below & then let me know in the form below what you want.  The chart will update w/ your choices.

Bonus:  The dynamic form & donut chart featured below are working examples of database integration and what the EasyDB Suite is all about - pretty neat huh !

Data Backup

Protect your site by backing up of all your information.  The risk for massive data loss is always there.  Be prepared if someone deletes important data, then recovery is just clicks away.

Form Submittal

Allow visitors to send data in easy-to-use forms & automatically store everything.  Information sent through email is often temporary, at best.  Be confident all that information is available for future reference and use.


Create slideshows that pull directly from your data w/ viewing & image set options that can't be beat.  Don't be limited to just a handful of images, let your visitors experience the full extent of your collections.

Gallery Viewer

Build a gallery of images that pull directly from your data.  Create layouts that impress & are constantly changing.  Allow visitors to customize the collection views and select what interests them.


Display amazing animated charts of your data.  Data is not easy to comprehend, so give visitors an easy-to-understand overview of the information using custom donut, line, area & bar charts.

FreeForm Pro

Sometimes you want to see more.  Layout multiple sets of data wherever you wish.  Advanced in-line editing features.  Content macros.  Search & navigate through data with ease.

TextGrid Pro

Provides advanced editing features: View/edit access roles • Editing logs • Automatic selection lists • Keyboard navigation • Undo history • More download/import file types • Download selected rows • More time formats

  •  Data Backup

  •  Form Submittal

  •  Slideshows

  •  Gallery Viewer

  •  Charting

  •  FreeForm Pro

  •  TextGrid Pro

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Donut chart showing vote results.

Build something great w/ the EasyDB Suite & let me know about it.
- Provide a link & tell how you used it & you'll be featured in a gallery showcasing the cool things that can be done with it.

Note:  The EasyDB license is for one domain (subdomain use is ok), please buy separate copies for each domain.

Over 12 months of continuous work has gone into the EasyDB Suite & it's a great value for all the provided dynamic capabilities.

- Thanks,  Bill

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Download the Free EasyDB Lite
Note: 'EasyDB Lite' will appear below the published content. It contains all the functionality of the full EasyDB Suite. Create any number of databases and tables which can have up to 15 records each.