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    QHow do you set up the Searcher2/Searcher Content stack ?
    • Determine where you would like the searchable content to be located.  The Searcher2/Searcher Content stack(s) can be placed anywhere in the main body by a simple drag & drop.  It can also be placed in a sidebar, Extra Content Areas or any other area that allows html code.  If you wish to place it in EC area or other areas, first drag it into the main body and then drag and drop the provided snippet named 'Searcher Content Append - HTML' into the desired location.  Note: If placing in the Sidebar and the gear in the lower right corner of the Sidebar is set to 'Styled', then highlight the code you just placed and from the RapidWeaver menu select Format > Ignore Formatting.
    • Note: the search functionality requires at least two searcher content areas to be set up in the site somewhere and at least one dummy content area, in addition to any other Content stacks, has to be on the Control page, as imported content is appended to the last content area (dummy content in this case).
    • Due to the complexity of the importing feature, javascript is NOT supported in imported content.  Content that is set up for searching should only contain text and images and any css styling or standard RapidWeaver formatting you wish to use.  Note: don't try to use complicated stacks, as their scripting functionality will not work in the Control page.
    • Change the Searcher Term(s) from 'searcher' to whatever search term(s) you want the content to be searchable by.  To enter multiple terms, simply enter them with a comma between each one. Ex. Big,White,Cloud  Each search term will show up as a separate selection item in the selection list.  Note: For the dummy content stack, you can leave the search term as 'searcher' or set it to 'none' and either term will ensure the dummy stack is always hidden.
    • The "Outside Main Body" checkbox should only be checked for content that will be placed in outer areas like the sidebar, Extra Content Areas or any other area that allows html code.  This checkbox is to be used with the 'Searcher Content Append' snippet, which should be placed where you wish the content to be rendered.  The searcher content code will be automatically rendered into the final location, but still remains in the main body for editing.
    • The "Show Link Button" control allows you to enable the use of a link button for each (Searcher2 only) Content area.  These buttons will not appear on the originating pages, as there is no need for them there.  When assigning links, remember that the link paths will be relative to the Control Page.  If the Control & Content pages are both in the same folder or in the root site folder, then you can select the link using the "Page" selector from the Add Link window.  If the Content page is in a different folder, then use the "URL" selector to type in the relative path from the Control page to the Content Page.